Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Finally bought some new cd's

so bit of a moan really, I finally got round to buying some new cd's to listen to the car, Dillanthology 2 and a Daedulus album on Ninja Tune. both are pretty weak, when will Dilla be left to rest in peace? another cd of remixes too poor to come out originally is disappointint from whoever is running his estate these days, dont they realise that by continually releasing more and more weak shit then the good shit just becomes further diluted and meaningless...have a think. The daedulus shit pissed me off to, i picked up a 12 not so long ago with 2 heavy tracks on, sadly they were the only 2, big bass wonky style hip-hop/new beat generation sounds, really forward looking, imagine my disappointment on buying the cd and finding out all the other tracks are analgouey sounding house nonsense...gonna stick to buying MP3's i reckon, then you can HEAR stuff first...

still found this site with free loopers to download so not to annoyed in the scheme of things

a busy weekend of scratching awaits me so i'm signing off for now

Monday, 20 July 2009

A Hiatus

So after a few weeks out (sorry) i've finally got the internet sorted out at my new house, blame a combination of Sky and those fuckwits at BT, a shocking combination but still.

Excitement abounds with shows on the 31st at Hoochinoo (Vibe Bar), 8th August at Soundcrash (Cargo) and finally a weekend hols at Hip Hop Kemp...oi oi

So to celebrate the return of the internet to my life here's some pictures of my new lab