Saturday, 28 March 2009

An Absolute arsehole of a week

Well you're man over here is feeling bi-polar this week, seems everything's out to get me at the moment, what the f*ck is wrong with this country?

Me n the missus are trying to move house at the moment, it's a sweet deal, move out of zone 1 and into the countryside away from the noise, dirt and bullshit of central london. We found this dope house near the thames, the best bit is at the bottom of the garden there is a shed with seperate power supply and heating, perfect for a studio! soon i'll be sitting merrily in my shed making beats to my hearts content and not pissing off the neighbours or the missus...

then i forgot about stamp duty, what the f*ck is this man, another way for the government to gouge money out the hands of the hardest working while the "old money" sits on top of the heap like an engorged bloated pus ridden leech gradually bleeding the life out the people trying to get a little breathing space and create something for their (forthcoming) families...

are we still teh only country in the world stupid enough to pay a f*cking tv licence? for the bbc? andwhilst teh bbc clutches it's precious integrity to its chest wiht "quality" programming and no advertising in exchange for the licence fee it's making billions selling it's IPR to the US and any other nation depserate enough to sedate it's populace with mindless shit like Come Dancing..

to cap it off it's pissing down and the missus wants to go shopping...ffs

so todays uplifting tune is

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Jyager launch party last night and Sunday laziness

Last night was the launch party for Jyagers forthcoming album on YNR records, this fella came in form left field for me, never heard of him then suddenly he's everywhere, and for good reason! the album is dope, just been taking a lazy sunday after late night and ambling round the kitchen listening to it, so dope in fact we're gonna be hitting up the studio next week to ge a track down s watch this space for an exclusive preview....still good to see Jehst, Michael Parkinson, Smurf and the YNR cats down there representing for their new generation of talent

Coming in pissed is always a trauma for me, especially when the missus has gone to bed, last night i bowled in after her with my usual stealth like tactics only to find a sleeping figure on the sofa hidden under a mess of hair. "ahh bless" i thought, so i scooped her up to take her to bed only to be confronted with a very suprised japanese girl i' d never met before....turns out we had a friend sleeping over, i'd naturally assumed it was the missus under the mess of hair and tried to do the gentlemanly thing....

so with the Gunners back in form pulverising the toon yesterday and a lazy sunday afternoon in the garden smoking piff and reading the papers cover to cover it's been a decent weekend all round, so i'm gonna leave you with some sunday music...classics

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Japanese Spiderman

Follow the link below to the Japanese Spiderman TV series from the 70's. This is incredible with spiderman, motorbikes, guys in monster suits and ,of course, robots!