Sunday, 22 March 2009

Jyager launch party last night and Sunday laziness

Last night was the launch party for Jyagers forthcoming album on YNR records, this fella came in form left field for me, never heard of him then suddenly he's everywhere, and for good reason! the album is dope, just been taking a lazy sunday after late night and ambling round the kitchen listening to it, so dope in fact we're gonna be hitting up the studio next week to ge a track down s watch this space for an exclusive preview....still good to see Jehst, Michael Parkinson, Smurf and the YNR cats down there representing for their new generation of talent

Coming in pissed is always a trauma for me, especially when the missus has gone to bed, last night i bowled in after her with my usual stealth like tactics only to find a sleeping figure on the sofa hidden under a mess of hair. "ahh bless" i thought, so i scooped her up to take her to bed only to be confronted with a very suprised japanese girl i' d never met before....turns out we had a friend sleeping over, i'd naturally assumed it was the missus under the mess of hair and tried to do the gentlemanly thing....

so with the Gunners back in form pulverising the toon yesterday and a lazy sunday afternoon in the garden smoking piff and reading the papers cover to cover it's been a decent weekend all round, so i'm gonna leave you with some sunday music...classics

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