Thursday, 4 March 2010

Another year older

I'm starting to feel my age, especially after last nights adventures in mid-week drinking, all I can say is older doesn't necessarily mean sir

So on too music, Teebs has down a little mix of some proper nice tunes for some radio show...and in the best traditions of djs and producers everywhere then he's stuck a couple of his own tracks on there which are damn nice....I don't know anything about this guy other than he's one of the brainfeeder collective but he's definitely put something decent together here so check it out

Hoochinoo is tomorrow night at Vibe Bar, i'm going to be on stage twice, once for a DJ set and I'll be popping up behind Koaste for his live show as well, so if you're in east or north london and fancy a night of good hip hop then pop down vibe bar...

And still on the live show front I've just been booked to support Swollen Members at and details to follow

Thanks to all who made it down to Gordons last night and bought me drinks...nice one hombres

until next time