Sunday, 24 January 2010

Narcism of the Dumb

What the internet gives everyone is a voice, or a platform, some people use it too bitch about society, music, life whatever etc. Some people get so caught up in the narvcism of seeing their every thoughts/deeds digitally recorded and thrust into the online arena thus fuelling their own need for attention...and so they get a pair of glasses tattooed onto their face. and then post it on on the internet. it's amazing how much of a twat this tattoo makes this guy look, but there you go. check it out, what a bellend

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Back On It!

As you can see from my previous post, I've been ill. Being ill is miserable especially seeing as you get time of work but can't do fuck all. Still, I'm feeling a little better today and aint staying in bed again, nope nope nope...

Obviously my life for teh past 4 days has been bed, bathroom, bed, fifa10, bed, bathroom etc etc there's been little of substance to report HOWEVER

Arsenal are back at the top of the league at the expense of Owen Coyle's Bolton..the moaning about Gallas's foul on some hick is a little bit much for me, he could have stomped all over all 10 outfield players and we'd still owe the village idiots payback for the agricultural tackles they've pulled over the past 3-4 seasons, well the boots on the other foot now eh? or the other ankle anyways nah mean?

Jameszoo....James Who?...Jameszoo thats who...dutch chap, plays nice electronic music which i like very much thank you, well he's put out a mix and guess what? it's free too download..from here

On the subject of free to download mixtape's my own has taken a hit time wise thanks to being ill, fuck you lymph glands, still on track for the end of the month though...

My label masters the Foreign Beggars have just announced a tour with the stalwarts of UK music scene The Prodigy and frankly what a big fucking look! details at

On a related note I've been asked back to Cable London on March 12th, those of you who missed the past show it was dope, and without wanting to blow my own horn (despite numerous hours spent trying) I blew the roof off...more gig news to follow

Harry Brown? don't even bother

until next time

Monday, 18 January 2010


yup, i'm ill, sorry about this folks more to come when i've stopped coughing up ferret sized lumps of green shit...

thought giving up smoking was meant to be good for you

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Free Loops to Download and Grey Haired Rappers

Scratching. Pretty much the best thing you can do by yourself, or at least a close second. I've zipped up a couple if scratch loops that I made to to practice over and made them available for free download, so check these bad boys out. whack em into your loop playing s/ware and get practicing! mind out for the 3/4 beat, shits fresh to keep in time....

After watching this clip from yank tv

I've decided that every MC needs grey hair. It's the hot new look and the beasties pull it off with guns and sterling...urgh

Monday, 11 January 2010

A hectic weekend...

For the last few days all bets have been off, and I've been hibernating on the sofa in front of the fire hammering fifa 10 and occasionally glancing sceptically out the window. Admittedly the studio is less than 1o metres walk from the backdoor, however those 10 metres look considerably further through the thickness of a pane of glass espcially when theres snow on the ground.

This weekend we finally hooked up a new car for the missus so my taxi driver days have fortunately come to an end, no more stupidly early morning runs to the station for me, no sir.

So onwards and upwards, I caught a trailer for the new film The Road. It's being advertised as the bets film of the year?! wtf it's Jan11th for crying out loud, not the most difficult of plaudits to achieve is it...on teh subject of films I finally got round to watching District 9 last night. What a pile of shit that was, what was all the hype over? Blatantly just nicked the story from The Fly, south african accents are comedy though, Wikers constantly sounding like a scouser with a broken nose everytime he gets stressed is comedy gold.

Music wise fook all has been going on, I went through the very geeky process of creating a form/spreadsheet that i can use to map settings on my mixing desk and allows me to mix stuff down 2 or 3 times, compare them and select the best without losing all my settings. like i said, geek.

Work on the series of mixtapes is going as planned with the first one set to fly out on schedule on teh 23rd of this month, it's gonna be free so you can download, share, whatever i dont care, just bounce it in your system!
until next time.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Amazing isnt it? we got 3 inches of snow and the whole country grinds to a holt, makes you wonder how the Swedish cope. Anyway i'm not going to fall into the english trap of talking incessantly about the weather.

I was pissing about out on my iphone the other day and stumbled across this site, basically it lets you know when previously charged apps turn into free apps, pretty sweet if you've got an iphone, check it out here

Because of the weather (shit fallen into it already) i'm working from home this week, suddenly doing a soulless office job becomes a lot more bearable when you dont have to go to the office. It also means that i get to spend more time in the studio. top tip - buy a portable heater.

So last night i spent a few hours mixing and re-mixing the new single to sound out what sounds best, Kashmere drops the vocals on it and just slays it...guys straight talented, which you should know by now anyways.

so a fairly short post today, back in the studio this evening and am gonna have haul through some old beats and post them up for free download...not sure what yet but check back for some free goodies...

so i'll leave you with this BIG remix from OmUnit...the original still smashes it as well on dancefloors everytime


Monday, 4 January 2010

New Years Resolutions

So a new decade rolls in and you gotta hope that it's gonna be better than the last steaming pile of shit that laughably got labelled the noughties. Hip Hop died fairly conclusively, the war on terror was inadivsedly entered into and continues to drag on under a cloud of false pre-texts and self aggrandishment of political personalities that continue to walk around as free men. All in all it's been pretty fucking depressing decade with little of note to highlight it.

Having said that the Dubstep train continues to steam on and the wonky glitch step hip hop that is flicking my switches at the moment continues to maintain an underground persona and long may that continue.

My new years resolutions (apart from the usual cutting down on smoking and drinking) is too be more damn producitve and finally having realised my dream of having my own studio at home to get some more new music out. So on that note i'm happy to say that there is new things in the pipeline with imminent release dates,

first off is the first in a series of mixes to be released f.o.c. digitally.This will be winging it's way out the studio mid jan with a monthly follow up to pave the way for the album release summer.

second off a digital single is looking big with MC Mercury, Kashmere, Koaste, Orifice Vulgatron, Jehst and DJ 2Tall/OmUnit featuring....more in the press to follow.

so keep your ears peeled and eyes open...

before I go here's a link to somone else music that i'm particualrly enjoying at the moment

Keeping the decade theme going here's a link to the Decade of Flying Lotus mix done by Gaslamp Killer...shits bomb and new album from fly-lo in spring...

Devon Who? some fresh new shit from the states thats who...

New COUNT BASS D? wtf....peep this

So thats all for the first post of 2010, enjoy the music i certainly am...not as much as i'm enjoying just having scored tickets to the arsenal man utd game though...BWAHAHAAA

and done.