Thursday, 21 January 2010

Back On It!

As you can see from my previous post, I've been ill. Being ill is miserable especially seeing as you get time of work but can't do fuck all. Still, I'm feeling a little better today and aint staying in bed again, nope nope nope...

Obviously my life for teh past 4 days has been bed, bathroom, bed, fifa10, bed, bathroom etc etc there's been little of substance to report HOWEVER

Arsenal are back at the top of the league at the expense of Owen Coyle's Bolton..the moaning about Gallas's foul on some hick is a little bit much for me, he could have stomped all over all 10 outfield players and we'd still owe the village idiots payback for the agricultural tackles they've pulled over the past 3-4 seasons, well the boots on the other foot now eh? or the other ankle anyways nah mean?

Jameszoo....James Who?...Jameszoo thats who...dutch chap, plays nice electronic music which i like very much thank you, well he's put out a mix and guess what? it's free too download..from here

On the subject of free to download mixtape's my own has taken a hit time wise thanks to being ill, fuck you lymph glands, still on track for the end of the month though...

My label masters the Foreign Beggars have just announced a tour with the stalwarts of UK music scene The Prodigy and frankly what a big fucking look! details at

On a related note I've been asked back to Cable London on March 12th, those of you who missed the past show it was dope, and without wanting to blow my own horn (despite numerous hours spent trying) I blew the roof off...more gig news to follow

Harry Brown? don't even bother

until next time

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