Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Amazing isnt it? we got 3 inches of snow and the whole country grinds to a holt, makes you wonder how the Swedish cope. Anyway i'm not going to fall into the english trap of talking incessantly about the weather.

I was pissing about out on my iphone the other day and stumbled across this site, basically it lets you know when previously charged apps turn into free apps, pretty sweet if you've got an iphone, check it out here

Because of the weather (shit fallen into it already) i'm working from home this week, suddenly doing a soulless office job becomes a lot more bearable when you dont have to go to the office. It also means that i get to spend more time in the studio. top tip - buy a portable heater.

So last night i spent a few hours mixing and re-mixing the new single to sound out what sounds best, Kashmere drops the vocals on it and just slays it...guys straight talented, which you should know by now anyways.

so a fairly short post today, back in the studio this evening and am gonna have haul through some old beats and post them up for free download...not sure what yet but check back for some free goodies...

so i'll leave you with this BIG remix from OmUnit...the original still smashes it as well on dancefloors everytime


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