Monday, 11 January 2010

A hectic weekend...

For the last few days all bets have been off, and I've been hibernating on the sofa in front of the fire hammering fifa 10 and occasionally glancing sceptically out the window. Admittedly the studio is less than 1o metres walk from the backdoor, however those 10 metres look considerably further through the thickness of a pane of glass espcially when theres snow on the ground.

This weekend we finally hooked up a new car for the missus so my taxi driver days have fortunately come to an end, no more stupidly early morning runs to the station for me, no sir.

So onwards and upwards, I caught a trailer for the new film The Road. It's being advertised as the bets film of the year?! wtf it's Jan11th for crying out loud, not the most difficult of plaudits to achieve is it...on teh subject of films I finally got round to watching District 9 last night. What a pile of shit that was, what was all the hype over? Blatantly just nicked the story from The Fly, south african accents are comedy though, Wikers constantly sounding like a scouser with a broken nose everytime he gets stressed is comedy gold.

Music wise fook all has been going on, I went through the very geeky process of creating a form/spreadsheet that i can use to map settings on my mixing desk and allows me to mix stuff down 2 or 3 times, compare them and select the best without losing all my settings. like i said, geek.

Work on the series of mixtapes is going as planned with the first one set to fly out on schedule on teh 23rd of this month, it's gonna be free so you can download, share, whatever i dont care, just bounce it in your system!
until next time.

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