Friday, 14 May 2010

characteristically poor

A fail yet again, i keep meaning to try and keep this ish up to date, but life is hectic. So more promises to be better and what not ensue...

It's been a busy few months since I last managed to get anything down on here, shows at Cable, Vibe Bar and The Camden Crawl all stand out in my mind as being particularly dope and big ups to those that made it down.

More stallings on the forthcoming single as monies run dry and i need to pay for mastering and stuff like that. Dope artwork has been done though by Glenn Stone, so pass through his site if and when you have a chance.

Now that i've got a new job sorted and life is calming down a bit then i'm going to be on my music a lot more, its hard to be creative when normal shit is getting you down. still half full dammit

Beats, beats and beats. The new Paul White jam with Guilty Simpson is heavy and if you dont know about Paul White then you seriously need to up your can download for free from the Stones Throw website, out on vinyl as well I believe

Parlez vous francais? i dont. but still pumping KenLo's album LOUD, this is heavy with a mish mash of many many different styles and influences all coming together in a harmonious tapestry of beats and rhymes..check him out, just so well produced it makes me green

so new government ahoy and all that, suspect not a lot will change but thats politics for you.

more soon...enjoy the music


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