Monday, 13 April 2009

Countryside Eastery

Another bloody weekend of no music, i've got shitloads to do but seem to keep putting everything off. This time it was off to a little village up north to see me Nan for some easter eating and stuff, always a treat having proper roast beef and yorkshire puds. What is it with little old ladies though? they seem to have asbestos hands, i wouldnt have been suprised to see her lift the meat out the oven with her bare hands....

So back in London again and this week i really need to get this album finished and mixed, it's beyond a joke now. 12 tracks are pretty much done i just need to put the polish on em...looking forward to it, everyone thats heard the rough version of the album has been positive about it so..photoshoot at the end of April as well so it needs to be sorted asap!

Moaning: I got hyped up that there was a new some new Red Dwarf ish popping off over the weekend so set it to record. WHAT A PILE OF TOSS, although craig charles doesnt seem to have been hit too bad by the crack anyways lol

Got myself a check shirt today, feel like an utter sell out but looking least i'll fit in in shoreditch..meh

so on a skate tip, here's that pee-narse Sheckler doing a ridiculously massive kickflip

and on a hip-hop tip, lovin this tune again...i see ghosts dance in the trail of my weed smoke

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