Sunday, 5 April 2009

Quiet Weekends and Memorials

Having been pretty much more stressed than I've ever been in my entire life me n wifey managed to sneak out to the countryside for a quiet weekend of family stuff. For a change we managed to stay in on friday night, every previous journey out West then we've ended up getting smashed in Friday night and not getting to bed until silly o'clock which always ensures a miserable hanging journey and a miserable weekend...

This time was different, we got up good and early and beat all the traffic and managed to hit teh west country by 10:30 b 12:00 we were safely camped out in a vegetarian restaurant in Glastonbury having vege burgers and pear cider, get in...i'll say this for hippies, they might be work shy smelly bastards but they know how to relax

Today was the memorial lunch for my little sister who was murdered 10 years ago this weekend. r.i.p Ashleigh you are always in my thoughts.

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