Monday, 17 August 2009

Cargo report and Hip Hop Kemp 09

Cargo show was dope, Kashmere never ceases to amaze me and hosted with proper energy for 90 minutes whilst i spun everything from wonky hip hop to dubstep to soul to boom bap and back again!

Graziella came through dropping an accapella of a tune we've had down for some time now followed up with a off the cuff duet with another talented young soul singer she hooked up with in X-Factor's boot camp, Joel. Thats it sorry just know his first name, dude stood up though on some D'Angelo shit.

Vortex feat Kashmere went down a storm and i was particualry pleased with my own mastering as the beat popped on that huge system they have down there, i know i know, own horn and all that but still satisfying...more to come!

Well i managed to get this far through without mentioning the football season starting again, but fuck it, here goes...6-1!!! away to everton on the first day of the season? get in, more to come from Arsene's magci men i reckon, could be the season the coccon finally splits and our your young catapillers hatch...

This thursday sees the kick off of more dope shit in the form of Hip Hop Kemp, we're flying out Thurs morning at stupid o'clock, rumours of a whiskey and poker session before the flight to try and stay up all night abound...i have every confidence in my own abilities in this respect...can't wait to get back out there, this time I'm taking a weekends supply of bran muffins as a 4 day diet of deep fried cheese and deep fried sausage is no joke,

Come on Afro (hip hop kemp promoter/organiser) get some stalls selling fruit and veg for crying out loud!

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