Monday, 3 August 2009

Hoochinoo, Foreign Beggars Vid shoot and a weeekend in London

Monday morning seems to roll around with disturbing swiftness these days, one moment it's friday night and the world seems right and good, then suddenly you're spooning the 3rd teaspoon of sugar into your piss awful vending machine coffeee and wondering where it all went wrong

Still musnt moan too hard, it was a top weekend all in all and went a little something like this

Friday night kicked off with Hoochinoo at Vibe Bar in Brick Lane, this night is getting better and better with a real strong crowd turn out amidst artists and fans alike. This time round we had Kashmere (killed it), Bella Trix (female beatboxer), Delegates of Culture, myself and daredevil (altough the delay in start times meant that we didnt get to play and had to work on our drank)...the ongoing smoking ban nonsense means that people are always gonna be bouncing out for a quick fag as soon as one act finishes and normally this results in a 10 mintue empty club at the beginning of anyone' set, however for some reason the Vibe crowd were omni-present, a good look...throw in some quest appearnaces from Barry Blue (Gunshot), Farma G ( taskforce) Kyza (dented) as well as plenty other artists then there was a real good vibe (pardon the pun) going on all night...respect to Theo...4 deck set next time holmes

Saturday was the video shoot for the Foreign Beggars new single Contact produced by D'n'B heavyweights Noisia...i'm not going to go into details expecially about theme but this promises to be massive and the shoot was jokes with Orifice, Metropolis and Nonames on top form...cant wait to see the finished product and spot myself

Sunday was another video shoot for the Dr Syntax track Hire Me, altough my part got longed out as timescales worked against me; the updates from Synners by phone sounded damn amusing...again lips are sealed...

thats it for me, tonight i'm going to tesco to spend the 50 squid vouchor that Sky sent me to apologise for being c* feet firmly back on the ground...


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