Wednesday, 10 February 2010

f*cking february

well it never rains but it pours, my music pc has once again fallen fall of the inept technology peddled by that modern day snake oil salesman Bill Gates, why is it so difficult to develop software that works for longer than 6 months?

As you can imagine i've been pretty down about this nonsense, again means loss of work, having to spend time rebuilding the thing from scratch rather than doing anything constructive and so on and so on....GRRRRR

to top this off my car done went wrong last week along with every other damn thing that is going tits up at the moment it pretty much feels like the world is shitting on me...

enough self pity anyways.

couple of shows to let you know about

March 5th I'm back at Vibe Bar for 2 sets - one a DJ set, going to spinning some of my new tunes that are yet to drop and maybe a few other bits. Going to be spinning the wax for Koaste's live show as well

March 12th and those nice people at Cable London have asked me back after killing it last time. Kashmere is going to be hosting and again Koaste will be popping up to drop a few verses...another sleepless night

so I wish I had better news alround tbh. next time i'll drop something hot...

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