Tuesday, 16 February 2010

What a difference a Week makes

What a difference a week makes eh? I'm pleased to report that my music PC is now ship shape again and running sweetly for a change.

All sorts of good shit floating around on the internet at the moment, and most notably a bit more from Dorian Concept. A selection of remixes that were doing the rounds sometime ago have surfaced on limited 7" vinyl. However they were first released into the public domain sometime ago for free downloads so if like me then you haven't bought any vinyl for years then you can download free here and don't worry it's guilt free, this was given away sometime ago...

Also on a new and un-signed look check out jazz cats Spinach Prince who have made the smart decision to give away their first album free...it's the hot look for building your audience...and i'm loving this album http://spinachprince.com/

Stumbled across a great little site the other day, not sure if it's the same Nutrider crew of days of yore however http://nutriot.com/ has a lot of good news and a good line in good free music so check it out...

Brainfeeder in London? wtf, sweet...

that's all for today.

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